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Hallo Evil Cuties

I ask you to read at least this one article. In that article, I describe what our guild is all about, why I developed a own guild homepage with forum, what the background was, how you can benefit from the guild, and what you can contribute to its success.

What our guild is all about and its background story:

I had an awesome guild in another online game (Drakensang Online). We were there a solid team of 60 members in total and we all knew each other, even organized real life meetings and had a lot of private contact. From this guild emerged some wonderful friendships around the planet. Unfortunately, the game got some very negative updates and so it turned out that we dissolved the guild after 5 years because no one wanted to play the game anymore.

I found this experience with this guild, the sense of togetherness, the friendships around the world and the fun of playing in a none selfish group of nice people so ingenious, that I decided to start a new guild in Neverwinter.

I can really tell you, it's super fun and gives you so much pleasure when you know a great group that likes to help each other, where egoism does not matter, where it does not matter where you come from, whether you're poor, rich , white, yellow, red or brown, old or young. This sense of togetherness, getting to know each other better and better, all the group game matches the nice chat conversations - all this is something that is so positive and I wish we can make the same experiences with our Cute but Evil guild.

How you can benefit from the guild:

If you dare to get involved with others and to have a good time together, then even the fun you have is already worth a lot. Of course, a guild profits primarily from the fact that you are never alone. You always have someone you can ask for help or to whom you can offer Your help.

The more our guild level ranks up, the more buildings we build, the bigger and more powerful bonuses and blessings we receive. With the guild-internal stronghold quests and events you can also get excellent equipment that you can not buy in the shop. To be involved in the guild right from its first days and to grow with it, is a awesome experience, because you learn how to handle the game step by step, which sometimes feels a bit complicated, because it is so extensive. I think that's just enough reasons for now.

How to contribute to our success:

The best contribution you can make by completing at least one (better two) stronghold quest daily and to donate to the guild coffer as much as You can. In general, donations to the guild coffer are very important, because with it we can expand our stronghold, build new building and rank up faster. The higher our guild rank the better the boons for us ALL.

You can also donate good/decent equipment, such as enchantements, companions, mounts, artifacts, etc. to the guild bank. You can also buy us new bank account or new coffer donations.

My idea was to help new members as much as possible. So if you need something from the guild bank, please feel free to take it BUT please take only the items you really need and do not take items from the guild bank to sell em at the store (that sucks).

As a rule: What you take out of the guild bank is that you eventually get back into it once you've reached level 70-80. This way we all benefit from it, because the more powerful our newcomers are, the faster they rise in the level and the better they can support the guild and our coffer.

Personally, I donate about 15% of my daylie ingame revenue to the Guild Coffer. It's up to you to decide what you want to contribute, I will not force anyone to do anything.

Oh and at least something very important: I never ever enrich myself personally in the content of our Guild Bank. I hate egoists and I am not one myself. Everything in the bank belongs to the guild!

Ok now I end the article with some words about our forum: The forum is there to discuss and to share knowledge. It would be really nice if you make use of the forum. I personally will share many useful tips and tricks and basic knowledge about the game. It is worth to visit the forum again and again.

Join our Discord Chat:

Best regards and thank you for reading.


Liz de Winter posted Nov 2 '19 at 5:34 am

Hello friends,

So what do I do with that presentation thing now?

Ok first of all I'm from Germany, my real name is Andreas Holzer and I'm half dutch. I do not tell my age, I'm a little bit peculiar with it - but I can tell You, I look much younger than I actually am.

Thats me:

I have very many interests. This ranges from video games to science, history, to craft such as creating cosplay or the programming of websites. I am a very creative person, can paint quite passable and draw but I also like to get my hands dirty when forging knives, blades or swords.

I like music (yes, even current ones), like DaB, Dubstep, Acid, but also Gothic, Heavy Metal or good Modern Classical Music as you often hear in movies. I also play drums, accordion and keyboard.

On movies and TV series I like classics like Lord of the Rings, Willow, Game of Throne, The Walking Dead but the genre I love the most are sci-fi horror movies like the Alien movies or Event Horizon, Life, Cargo, The Thing etc.

I have no relationship at the moment. I am female-oriented, so I like women. I prefer to play a female character even in most video games, it's just nicer to watch. smile

I have been playing Neverwinter with longer interruptions since 2015 and have previously played the other Dungeon & Dragon games. I am a huge fan of most RPGs and own around 180 PC games (damn junkie lol)

So, there is nothing more to tell for now, who has questions - ask please.

Best regards, Andy

P.S.: Sorry for my crazy english writing, I know my grammar sucks a bit.



Hi Guildies and NW Fans,

Mod17 is coming and Silv3ry has done a awesome info video about it. She is talking about all the new aspects and about all important and not so important topics.

  • New Gear
  • New Loockboxes
  • Knox is replaced and soon at the Events platform
  • Events platform will be replaced to where the mounts store in - Protectors Enclave was/is
  • New PVP Map
  • New awesome Race (You can play as Hulk or Shreck now)
  • New fashion system
  • etc. check out the video

Kind regards, Andy

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