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Hallo Evil Cuties
I ask you to read at least this one article. In that article, I describe what our guild is all about, why I developed a own guild homepage with forum, what the background was, how you can benefit from the guild, and what you can contribute to its success.

What our guild is all about and its background story:
I had an awesome guild in another online game (Drakensang Online).
Liz de Winter posted Nov 2 at 4:34 am
Hello friends,
So what do I do with that presentation thing now?

Ok first of all I'm from Germany, my real name is Andreas Holzer and I'm half dutch. I do not tell my age, I'm a little bit peculiar with it - but I can tell You, I look much younger than I actually am.

Thats me:
I have very many interests. This ranges from video games to science, history, to craft such as creating cosplay o
Hi Guildies and NW Fans,
Mod17 is coming and Silv3ry has done a awesome info video about it. She is talking about all the new aspects and about all important and not so important topics.

New Gear
New Loockboxes
Knox is replaced and soon at the Events platform
Events platform will be replaced to where the mounts store in - Protectors Enclave was/is
New PVP Map
New awesome Race (You can play as
Hi Evil Cuties,
here is another nice tip from me. Start the Barovia quest line and get a very good gear set for free!
There is also some other nice info about NW so it is realy worth watching the video from start to end.

Watch the video it shows You all important steps.

Kind regards, Andy

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