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Liz de Winter posted Nov 2 '19 at 5:34 am

Hello friends,

So what do I do with that presentation thing now?

Ok first of all I'm from Germany, my real name is Andreas Holzer and I'm half dutch. I do not tell my age, I'm a little bit peculiar with it - but I can tell You, I look much younger than I actually am.

Thats me:

I have very many interests. This ranges from video games to science, history, to craft such as creating cosplay or the programming of websites. I am a very creative person, can paint quite passable and draw but I also like to get my hands dirty when forging knives, blades or swords.

I like music (yes, even current ones), like DaB, Dubstep, Acid, but also Gothic, Heavy Metal or good Modern Classical Music as you often hear in movies. I also play drums, accordion and keyboard.

On movies and TV series I like classics like Lord of the Rings, Willow, Game of Throne, The Walking Dead but the genre I love the most are sci-fi horror movies like the Alien movies or Event Horizon, Life, Cargo, The Thing etc.

I have no relationship at the moment. I am female-oriented, so I like women. I prefer to play a female character even in most video games, it's just nicer to watch. smile

I have been playing Neverwinter with longer interruptions since 2015 and have previously played the other Dungeon & Dragon games. I am a huge fan of most RPGs and own around 180 PC games (damn junkie lol)

So, there is nothing more to tell for now, who has questions - ask please.

Best regards, Andy

P.S.: Sorry for my crazy english writing, I know my grammar sucks a bit.


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